Weird feeling writing the first, no second blogpost

It is such a weird feeling writing the first, no second blogpost. I did not even change the tagline. It would be funny to rank no one for “Just another WordPress site”.


Funny enought the current firts link is a dead one, leading to the premium area of as you can see in the screenshot.

Just another WordPress site

Why? This is a rather useless excersize.

Not sure.

[scratching head]

Perhaps it is to express the weird feeling of writing this early content setting op a new blog. I have too many already! Why one more?

Well, sometimes intuitions and some genuine impulsive behavior cause me to register a new domain, or in this case be creative with one that I already had on the shelve. I do tend to let domeina ripen with some content on them. Sandbox and all that you know.

After a whil get back and write a typical post like this one, and brainstomr a bit with my peers to evaluate wether such is a good idea or ready for the wastebin.

I have a good feeling about this one, because there are tons of startups looking for places to guest post, so why no create a place just for that.

I could dive into the pool of erecently launched startups with webapplications and see if they are even still around. More interesting would be the second stage growth businesses. Those happen to be my target market for management system implementation, so there we have a winwin coming up.

The big question is wether these businesses are still looking for places to have their guest post featured? I will be glad to find out.

So in the end, targeting visitors looking how to edit the ‘Just another WordPress site’are definitely not the kind of traffic I am aiming at, So yes, this was a useless exercise! I do joy writing taglines.

But this is a good moment to stop.

Untill the next one.

Web application is the norm

Applications should be platform independent and accessible for everyone. The idea to have device dependent software is ridiculous. Steve Jobs was an idiot. And people loved it. Those that can afford it to buy Apple products at least. Funny thing is that most corporate laptops and desk tops still run on Microsoft Office. Bill gates products are crap too, I agree. I am not suggesting to ever produce or design anything that comes close to what these visionary man have done. This site has a single purpose, and that is to promote the use and development of web applications.

In my humble opinion, an application should be accessible via any browser, from any device.

The other funny thing is that I just realized that the domain I registered for file handling (and not with any specific use in mind) lends itself perfect to create this web space using one of my favorite web applications, WordPress. You may have noticed I installed the site in a sub directory, to form the word webapplication in your browser.

Which web application should be featured here according to you?