Web application is the norm

Applications should be platform independent and accessible for everyone. The idea to have device dependent software is ridiculous. Steve Jobs was an idiot. And people loved it. Those that can afford it to buy Apple products at least. Funny thing is that most corporate laptops and desk tops still run on Microsoft Office. Bill gates products are crap too, I agree. I am not suggesting to ever produce or design anything that comes close to what these visionary man have done. This site has a single purpose, and that is to promote the use and development of web applications.

In my humble opinion, an application should be accessible via any browser, from any device.

The other funny thing is that I just realized that the domain I registered for file handling (and not with any specific use in mind) webapp.li lends itself perfect to create this web space using one of my favorite web applications, WordPress. You may have noticed I installed the site in a sub directory, to form the word webapplication in your browser.

Which web application should be featured here according to you?

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